The sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines was most probably achieved with US intelligence. Not solely is the Biden Administration intent on ending fossil fuels, however this was a strategic maneuver on wage warfare. Simply as adversaries would counterfeit one another’s currencies in a determined measure to undermine their economic system to strip them of the power to fund the warfare, blowing up these pipelines was a deliberate blow to inflict a demise blow to the Russian economic system they imagine they’ve Putin on the ropes. Ending Russia’s #1 earnings, power, they imagine will undermine Putin and result in a home revolution. The issue for the Russian individuals is that the West will NEVER settle for Russia as an equal member. They certainly wish to kill the bear utterly.

Naturally, there are these claiming Russia blew up the pipelines. Simply earlier than this sabotage, Putin mentioned to elevate the sanctions and he’ll return the fuel movement as reported on September seventh, 2022. There was NO POSSIBLE WAY that Putin sabotages these pipelines for that was his bargaining chip. This was completed by the local weather zealots who’ve management of most Western governments. To even blame Russia is in actuality proof that they know that this was a strategic play by the West most probably carried out with US intelligence.

The Minsk Settlement brokered by Germany and France was to permit the Donbas to vote on their separation from Ukraine. The West has completely renigged on all of that and that is intentional for the target right here is that this Nice Reset and the top of fossil fuels. Khruschev grew up there within the Donbas and was in control of Kiev rebuilding it after World Warfare II earlier than he rose to the management of Russia. His successor was Brezhnev who was additionally born there within the Donbas. This has been occupied by the Russian individuals for the reason that days of the Tsars. The border of Ukraine was NEVER Ukraine as a nation state. It was Drawn solely by Khruschev for administrative functions. The Donbas and Crimea have been all the time predominantly Russian



The West merely refuses to acknowledge that the individuals in that area are Russian and would naturally vote to hitch Russia for they’re hated by the Ukrainians. In 2014, it was the West that put in a “momentary” authorities in Ukraine which was UNELECTED and so they instantly upon orders from the USA, launched a civil warfare and attacked the Donbas.



That is so pointless and I can not think about any world chief earlier than Biden would have DELIBERATELY set the stage for warfare with Russia. The issue is, Biden shouldn’t be mentally competent. The local weather zealots are working the White Home. All they care about is destroying the world’s capability to provide and make the most of fossil fuels.

Sadly, our laptop has NEVER been unsuitable on these main tendencies. It’s the ONLY unbiased technique of seeing the long run for it’s not based mostly upon any human opinion for that’s all any analyst has at his disposal proper now.  There isn’t any query that these local weather change zealots are uncontrolled. They’ll kill extra individuals than Marx may ever have imagined. World Warfare III is materializing if we prefer it or not. We so desperately want a political revolution to overthrow all of those local weather zealots world leaders to even hope to cut back the amplitude of what’s on the horizon.


I’ve met and suggested many world leaders. NEVER in my 40-year profession have I EVER witnessed such an absurd group of world leaders who’re simply hurling the world into a serious world warfare throughout fossil fuels. There are not any peacemakers. Like Biden, all they’re doing is studying the phrase written by another person. Biden is incompetent and can lead the world into catastrophe and the true unhappy half about it, he’s clueless as to the dangers he’s placing the whole inhabitants of the world in over fossil fuels.


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