We’re in the midst of a convergence of so many crises it’s arduous to maintain observe. The SWAMP in Washington has at all times been uncontrolled. There may be even a invoice being launched to make it unlawful for congressmen and their spouses or relations to be buying and selling on inside data. It’s titled: The Stopping Elected Leaders from Proudly owning Securities and Investments (PELOSI) Act. We go to jail for 20 years for what they do routinely. The Biden cash funds from China would be the basis of an impeachment continuing. With all of the Democrats did towards Trump and are nonetheless at it, they’ve opened the door to what goes round comes round. Trump has introduced the New York Democratic prosecutors are determined to indict him in hopes of stopping him from working for President and that they’ll arrest him maybe this coming week. Now the idea, for the reason that taxes didn’t work, paying “hush” cash to Stormy Daniels the porn star. When you will have Biden taking cash from China and Ukraine and everybody turns a blind eye, paying hush cash to a porn star is much extra essential to the nation?


The political nonsense that dominates a variety of boards of administrators must be outlawed as fraud. The individuals on the board of SVB had ZERO expertise in finance no much less financial tendencies. All they do is pay mountains of money to the Democrats and get placed on boards for his or her political contacts. So many boards are stacked with political individuals, attorneys, or accountants, who don’t have any expertise within the monetary markets or financial tendencies. If these individuals have ZERO expertise in working an organization, then they need to be liable for his or her choices.

We have been known as in by a significant public firm in Australia on a undertaking to hedge their international alternate publicity. The quote we gave them was someplace between $1 and $2 million again within the Nineteen Eighties. They rejected it and mentioned they might not pay greater than the CEO was paid. They have been clueless. I defined that we had dealing desks in Asia, the USA, and Europe and their guide must be handed all over the world 24 hours a day. They didn’t perceive something. They employed a 23-year-old child to hedge their threat, he purchased a Porsche and received into an accident, and whereas within the hospital they misplaced $80 million. Regulators then realized that administrators must be held accountable for making choices in issues that they had no expertise.

We’re headed into such COMPLEXITY it’s off the charts. We’ve a convergence of a lot going into April, it’s arduous to say which elementary would be the prime canine. Between arresting Trump, and the revelations popping out in regards to the Biden Crime Household, all of this contributes to the collapse in confidence within the authorities. Then Biden’s failure to grasp the intense nature of this banking disaster and that it’s the Biden Administration that’s immediately accountable for the disaster because it continues into April simply added to the COMPLEXITY. Biden’s dealing with of SVB will now be seen as political for the reason that telephones have been melting down from all of the Democrats in California who stood to lose. Even Ophrah Winfrey had a ton of cash in SVB. NBow the failure to face behind all deposits in all places will solely make this appear like a Democratic bailout.

Add to all of this, the ICC has proven that it too is politically corrupt and has been usurped by the Neocons. The ICC issued the bullshit prison indictment of Putin orchestrated by the Neocons when the truth is they don’t have any such jurisdiction. The ICC has misplaced all credibility. ICC has jurisdiction ONLY over member states and that doesn’t embrace the USA, China, or Russia. I reported that my sources on October 14th, 2022, have been warning that the ICC was being politically manipulated not a lot completely different than the SWIFT financial system. A group of attorneys within the UK filed a grievance with the Prosecutor of the Worldwide Legal Courtroom on behalf of the individuals. The report alleges that authorities officers, and pharmaceutical executives, have conspired with COVID. They did nothing.


The ICC can ONLY prosecute member states. The US refused to affix the ICC so no American can ever be tried for a warfare crime. The identical applies to Russia, but the ICC is making an attempt to politically indict Putin to create World Conflict III. The ICC has misplaced all integrity no completely different than the New York Prosecutors going after Trump for something they’ll presumably discover. Subsequent will likely be his parking tickets.

I had dinner with individuals from the ICC they usually acknowledged that america used its authorized system for political functions. They have been gorgeous in my case. In addition they mentioned they might like to deliver fees towards america for they routinely violate worldwide legislation and interact in torturing individuals – keep in mind waterboarding and  Abu Ghraib.

In my case, I consider the banks informed the CFTC to close down our forecasting as a result of they thought eradicating us would then permit them to govern markets. However they nonetheless blew up the world economic system in 2007 and merchants on the ground have been calling it Armstrong’s Revenge. They by no means be taught. They’ll bribe all of the politicians, however that doesn’t assure their commerce.

The ICC informed me at dinner that they might have liked to take my case, however for the reason that US was not a member they might not deliver fees towards the US courts. That proves past a shadow of a doubt that this indictment of Putin is political they usually have bought their soul to the Neocons. This was introduced in hopes of threatening China with respect to their assembly with Russia to attempt to cease them from becoming a member of forces. The Neocons have now full management of the ICC and that stops any peace negotiations going ahead.

Then final November, the United Nations additionally surrendered its independence to the Neocons making certain that now we have no selection however to enter World Conflict III. That is the agenda. The United Nations Basic Meeting has now adopted a decision calling for Russia to pay warfare reparations for its invasion of Ukraine. That is to incorporate the billions of {dollars} in injury and destruction, in addition to reparations for the lack of life. The US refuses to offer any impartial investigation into blowing up Nord Stream which was an act of worldwide warfare. As an alternative, they assault the messenger. The UN merely desires to clean its fingers within the blood of hundreds of thousands if not billions damaging what it was totally purported to have been created for – world peace.

The world is now formally accountable for the Neocons. By no means in all my years did I ever anticipate taking a look at their long-range forecasts calling for a warfare that we’d be the evil aggressors. We’d like the mannequin to do its job right here for we can not even work out on an opinion foundation which elementary will come out on prime. We actually desperately want members of Congress to acknowledge the true risk is inside.



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