QUESTION: Hello Marty,

You’ve taught by many historic examples that politicians drag us to battle as a result of they want an exterior enemy to cover their failures.  Wag the canine.  Have you ever thought of this time across the U.S. will enter ww3 to cowl up the reveal of the covid vaccine blunder?  Sure, battle will nonetheless conceal the debt disaster of western nations, however possibly the vaccine reveal kicks this factor off.  The barrage of sudden deaths is beginning to overwhelm the bullshit.  Our leaders, particularly Biden, are extremely compromised by pushing the shit vaccine.


ANSWER: The COVID lockdowns have been created as an train in controlling the sheep. This battle was set in movement for a while. John McCain ran to Ukraine and he was all exited in December 2016 as quickly as Trump was elected. He assumed he might manipulate Trump and promised limitless funding to wage battle in opposition to Russia.

I do know for a truth, that this battle was set in movement in 2014 however it was within the planning levels nicely earlier than even that. In 2015, McCain was assembly opening with the Nazi motion. COVID was clearly only a rehearsal of their train of the abuse of energy.

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