COMMENT: Marty, I’m impressed. Your contacts are unsurpassable. You place out two months in the past that Ukraine misplaced 100,000 troopers. Some didn’t imagine you. It seems that was labeled data. Ursula von der Leyen, the top of the EU, had launched a video after which edited it deleting that very data on the request of Zelensky to cover the truth that Ukraine has been shedding the struggle with its armed forces down at the very least one-0third. .Right here is the video that’s now going round.  You additionally stated that Bucha was one other false flag the place Ukraine killed Russian Ukrainians and left their our bodies on the streets guilty Russia. You stated there have been movies that NATO had and was hiding. My hat is off to you. You actually do have dependable sources.


REPLY: You need to perceive that creating false flags is the #1 occupation of Ukraine. They shot down the Malaysia battle and tried guilty the Russians. They shot a missile into Poland and claimed it was a Russian assault on NATO.

On March 31, 2022, the mayor of Bucha was joyful in asserting that the settlement had been liberated. He doesn’t speak about any corpses on the roads and the horrible destruction of mass graves. It was two days later when instantly pictures and movies of individuals mendacity alongside the street seem and horrendous tales about lots of of useless being thrown in mass graves. These stories didn’t floor till two days after the Russians left. The Ukrainians had been staging one other false flag. Why did the mayor seem joyous and made no point out at first of those atrocities?

It’s to the benefit of Zelensky who seems earlier than each parliament he can ask for cash. In Italy, he claimed Russians had been capturing kids and torturing them. That allegation vanished. He says no matter he can to get cash. He may have simply complied with the Belgrad and Minsk Agreements however he’s decided to guide the world into struggle. The US Pentagon has come out and even stated that they CAN NOT independently confirm what happened in Bucha. There isn’t a approach to confirm something in Bucha and there are movies that present individuals laying on the street pretending to be useless with no blood after which there are movies displaying they rise up when the digicam passes.


The Ukrainians are out to create World Conflict III. They’re desperately attempting to get the West to invade Russia and their aim is to totally destroy Russia and the Russian individuals who they hate passionately. Have a look at this propaganda video they used to inform the world Russians killed Ukrainian civilians. On this video, the our bodies are individuals simply laying down. You see no blood. , the “corpse” on the fitting is transferring his arm  On the thirtieth second, look within the rearview mirror. The “corpse” sits up! That is why the Pentagon stays silent. NATO has movies additionally confirming Bucha was a Ukrainian false flag. The rumor is that when the Ukrainians did enter Bucha, they themselves killed any ethnic Russian Ukrainians there.

All of this propaganda is to enrage the individuals to name for World Conflict III. Zelensky has even referred to as on NATO to launch nuclear weapons and wipe out Russia . Zelensky will destroy the Ukrainian individuals with this madness.  He’s mendacity to the world in regards to the devastation of the losses and is trying to find a approach to get NATO to invade Russia. He makes use of this propaganda to achieve assist worldwide. The US has handed him $113 billion when Russia’s annual army finances is at finest $65 billion and Germany’s is $56 billion. The US is spending untold quantities of cash for the full destruction of Russia.

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