Here’s a CNN Report on the Ukrainian Civil Warfare that the US instructed to launch in 2014 by the interim authorities the West put in with the Revolution. For all of the Ukrainian Nazis and the brainwashed individuals who imagine no matter the federal government tells them, take off your silly masks, open your eyes, and settle for some fact for as soon as.



Right here is the chief of the American Neocons who has created ENDLESS wars and has no regret for all of the folks they’ve killed and the carnage they’ve unleashed upon the world. Even Ron Paul understands the Neocons. The so-called Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), run by Ukraine’s safety forces started in 2014 and justified slaughtering civilians within the Donbas by calling all of the folks there terrorists who’ve sought a separatist answer due to the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine have reinstituted their ethnic cleaning of all Russians dwelling within the Donbas for a whole bunch of years.

McCain was brazenly assembly with the Neo_nazis and inspiring them that the US will help them to wage warfare on Russia. As quickly as Trump was elected in November 2016, McCain ran to Ukraine and promised full help to wage warfare in opposition to the Russians within the Donbas. In December 2016 he was brazenly assembly with the Neo-Nazis.



Trump was satisfied to ship deadly weapons to Ukraine. However when he noticed what the Ukrainians had been doing to civilians, he started to fireside all of the Neocons that had been stuffed into his cupboard. The press started to run tales that no person wished to work for Trump as a result of he was a horrible particular person. That was the beginning of the Neocon propaganda in opposition to Trump.


I’ve had staff each from Donestk and Kiev. I’m nicely conscious of the hatred that’s so deeply rooted it should NEVER be subdued. The Neocons instructed Kiev to right away assault the Donbas in 2014 to power Russia to return to their help. This has been an supposed warfare in opposition to Russia from the outset. That’s the reason Merkel brazenly mentioned that they by no means negotiated with Russia in good religion, it was all a stall tactic to allow Ukraine to boost the most important military in Europe to wage warfare in opposition to Russia.




Those that help Biden and this warfare, I want you had been on the entrance line when People are drafted. And as for each American firm that’s becoming a member of this warfare for cash, the blood in your hand is not going to wash off as Pontius Pilate tried. The blood in your fingers will stick with you proper till your deathbed as your loathful life passes by you in a flash of sunshine.



As quickly as Biden took workplace, the Neocons seize full management. They’re again and are ready to sacrifice each Ukrainian for their very own hatred of Russians. And when the final Ukrainian falls, they’re making ready to draft not simply younger males, however ladies as nicely.

Neocons are NOT American, they’re internationalists with a world agenda. They’re exploiting america as they’ve all the time finished. They slaughter numerous folks for their very own coverage of ethnic cleaning and use the press to faux that is American coverage and that anybody who objects will not be a patriot.



This outdated movie from 1947 serves as a warning — don’t permit the federal government to divide us.

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