COMMENT #1: Marty; Thanks a lot in your warning on the WEC that we’d now face a banking disaster with rising charges into 2024. You’re all the time to date forward of the pack. Stay ceaselessly – please!


REPLY #1: Thanks, however that may sentence me to perpetual taxation indefinitely. No thanks.

COMMENT #2: Whats up. I learn your FREE weblog as a result of I’m poor.
Would you please cease posting PRIVATE stuff and publish stuff that us peons can learn?

Thanks kindly.

Ms. Terri

REPLY #2: My concern is since we forecast this final yr, they’ll solely blame me. That weblog is just $15 a month, however it’s blocked by Google so it’s extra free speech if you happen to get my drift. I easy MUST be guarded in what I say publicly as a result of they merely all the time view me as having an excessive amount of affect.


I’ll supply this advice to the Biden Administration for in the event that they DO NOT heed my warning, our forecast shall be devastating. The Biden Administration MUST stand behind ALL deposits – not the $250,000 FDIC restrict. If they don’t, small companies will pul; extra money from banks, swap to 30-day T-Payments at a brokerage home, and say screw the FDIC and the Biden Administration’s anti-rich (small enterprise which employs 70% of the workforce).

The compromise right here is that we want a shotgun wedding ceremony the place a bigger financial institution takes over SVB on the uncooked value of the deposits. The shareholder loses, however ALL depositors are coated. Any worth of the shares needs to be attributed to tangible property solely, not goodwill. You’ll penalize your “hated wealthy” and even the small companies shall be saved. If not, you’ll wipe out quite a few companies that can’t even pay workers. That may set off a contagion when you attempt to uphold your hatred of the “wealthy” when you pour cash into essentially the most corrupt authorities on the planet.

After all, SVB can merely declare they “determine” as a Ukrainian Financial institution after which every thing can be coated proper right down to the pensions of the CEO.


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