The ambiance in Moscow is vividly depicted by the Monetary Instances bureau chief there, Max Seddon (“A Moscow Diary: Worry, Loathing and Deep Denial,” January 6, 2022). The subtitle reads:

Champagne nonetheless flows at elite events within the Russian capital, as cowed critics solely converse brazenly in their very own houses.

One placing passage depicts the interface (I’m tempted to jot down “the intersectionality”) of nationalism, authoritarianism, bizarre folks, and the elite. As is often the case, nationalism buttresses state energy, and each entice bizarre folks. Seddon quotes a senior Russian businessman, whose youngsters are educated in Europe, talking about some members of his household:

Some say ‘Fuck everybody! Let’s nuke Holland! Let’s bomb London and Washington! Ship the missiles!’ I say, What about your nephew, my son? He lives there! And so they say, ‘Allow them to reside in their very own nation.’”

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