QUESTION: Marty, I vastly admire all you do to attempt to forestall this conflict cycle. You will have stated many instances Socrates beats you. With missiles flying over Japan right here, what do you see forward?


ANSWER: Good to listen to from you. It doesn’t look superb. A year-end closing under 6805 will warn of a significant crash within the Japanese yen subsequent yr.  I can not cease the cycle. One of the best I can probably do is maybe scale back the amplitude. Even that’s speculative. It simply appears that now we have insane leaders who care extra about defeating Russia for this local weather change nonsense. What they’re doing to farmers within the Netherlands is insane. They know that the present financial system is collapsing. They’re utilizing the conflict in hopes of making an excuse and a diversion from their very own sovereign debt defaults – therefore you’ll personal nothing and be comfortable.

All of the market look to be cascading into 2023. This isn’t my opinion. I want I didn’t even have to speak about this nonsense. The ray of hope is we get to restart the world economic system post-2032. That’s after we will hit the control-alt-delete. All I can do is strive desperately to get society only for as soon as to have a look at historical past and see what programs labored and what failed.


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