COMMENT: As an ex-soldier, while studying your posts relating to the Proper to bear arms, Nitrogen fertilizer, and Diesel gas I immediately obtained a mind warp to the previous. In Rhodesia with sanctions on us, we developed a bomb utilizing Nitrogen fertilizer, blue cleaning soap, and diesaline. It was much like napalm. When the change got here to Zimbabwe all our weapons have been taken away from us and locked up. We additionally needed to reapply for licenses for any non-public weapons. This reveals that when you have got an knowledgeable and ready public the federal government is at a drawback. The present assault on fertilizer, auto fuels, and weapons reveals simply how scared the WEF and their one world order are determined to manage these three commodities. WHY?

REPLY: I feel you deliver up an excellent level that’s usually ignored. Nitrogen fertilizer can be utilized to make bombs. They’re doing their greatest to attempt to outlaw all weapons. It appears they need extra loopy individuals capturing up faculties after which they demand the tip to weapons each time. There is no such thing as a query that these in energy KNOW the financial system is collapsing. They’ve put forth Assured Fundamental Earnings (GBI), NOT as a result of they care in regards to the individuals, they ONLY care about retaining energy over the individuals. The EU has worn out most pension funds with detrimental rates of interest since 2014 and decrees that they will need to have authorities bonds between 70% and 90%. Scandinavia is exterior of the EU.

The GBI is to stop tens of millions of individuals from storming the Parliament with pitchforks after they get up and their pensions are gone. Eliminating weapons and even Nitrogen fertilizers are a part of the hassle to disarm the individuals. What’s happening within the Netherlands and this insane demand to finish Nitrogen fertilizers beneath the pretense of Local weather Change is extra suited to a B-Rated SciFi film with inexperienced lizard aliens coming to eat all humanity. They’re utilizing Local weather Change for Political Change.

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