QUESTION: Pricey Martin
Might you please describe extra intimately what you expect when speaking in regards to the breakdown of the financial system?
Will there be differencies between international locations like Germany and Switzerland for instance? Particularly relating to pension methods.
I asume, there may be large variations by international locations.
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ANSWER: The collapse of the financial system is the results of a comedy of errors. It boils all the way down to the issue that governments since World Conflict II have adopted Keynesian Economics whereby they took Keynes’ suggestion that they need to run a deficit throughout a recession/melancholy to compensate for the autumn in demand as a result of individuals are hoarding their money in instances of uncertainty. The issue was that they merged that with Marxism and started to run deficits yearly after which took the Amount Principle of Cash that claimed a rise within the cash provide could be inflationary. So, they borrowed reasonably than printed falsely believing that they might spend no matter they needed with out it being inflationary.

Nonetheless, as a result of debt out of the blue turned collateral post-1971 when it had been unlawful to make use of authorities bonds as collateral for borrowing, then the debt was remodeled into cash that now paid curiosity because it had begun through the American Civil Conflict.

Because of the stupidity of locking down the economic system for COVID, the escalation in nationwide money owed has been insane. This has added stress to the financial system for you see, all the authorities construction depends upon having the ability to promote its debt. Because the demand for his or her debt is declining once they take a look at this deliberate push for warfare and handing Ukraine limitless quantities of cash, the shortcoming to promote the debt has elevated their seek for taxes – therefore hiring 87,000 IRS brokers armed!

The system is collapsing. They can’t proceed to fund all of the social packages beneath this method the place the Main Sellers are usually not massive sufficient to repeatedly purchase authorities debt. That impacts every thing from Pension to Life Insurance coverage. Completely every thing from investments to rates of interest and taxation is all interconnected so we’re trying on the finish sport of 2032. I imagine Schwab has taken our forecast for the collapse of the financial system and we can have an amazing reset with our alternative to revamp authorities he’s attempting to take that occasion and push it to totalitarianism ending even our proper to vote on something. Of there can be a Nice Relaxation, however not the best way Schwab hopes it to unfold.

The one possibility is central banks should monetize the debt which defeats all the objective of borrowing that was imagined to be much less inflationary, after which they need to elevate taxes dramatically to aim to stay in energy till they compel the folks to stand up in revolution as is at all times the case. Nearly each revolution in historical past has begun with taxation.

Bear in mind the Biblical story the place they present a denarius to Jesus complaining about Roman taxes? That’s the reason this coin of Tiberius is called the Tribute Penny – “Render unto Caesar the issues which might be Caesar’s and unto God the issues which might be God’s.” It at all times comes all the way down to the abuse of energy utilizing taxation.

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