The West has determined to show this into an all-out struggle to utterly destroy Russia as soon as and for all. Moscow has been placed on excessive alert and air defenses are being put up in each sector of town. The hardliners are being heard and Putin has little alternative at this level. It has turn out to be completely apparent that even Germany now’s sending tanks into Ukraine and they are going to be used to invade Russia. It seems that NATO “advisors” will likely be almost definitely driving these tanks.

I had hoped issues wouldn’t unravel as shortly as they’ve. I warned that January was a serious goal in time developing in our arrays. We additionally then have main targets in April/Might and Panic Cycles in June. Even gold is shifting greater which has NOTHING to do with inflation or the Fed. Gold rises throughout instances of uncertainty with governments and struggle. Our laptop has pinpointed the timing fairly properly.


Even the prime minister of Finland has drunk the cool support of struggle. Our world leaders are keen to throw every little thing society has achieved into the garbage all for this quest to destroy Russia, then China, and create this one-world dream of Soros and Schwab.

Perceive that when struggle unfolds, they’ll impose capital controls in Europe ASAP. We even see Russian capital shifting into Turkey shopping for actual property there specifically. In the meantime, South Africa is aligning itself with Russia.

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