COMMENT: Lazar Kagan-ovich, Starved 6 million individuals in Ukraine and was the great-grandfather of Robert Kagan, the title got here up at
It’s my suspicion, and I assumed I might go that on, I searched this once you wrote the article concerning the film of the NYT journalist in Russia. within the Nineteen Thirties
I learn the article in the present day about Victoria Nuland-men
Thanks in your work been following me for nearly 10yrs.


REPLY: I can’t affirm that Lazar Kagan-ovich’s offspring embrace Robert Kagan. I do discover it ironic that he was the architect of ravenous Ukraine and Stalin’s right-hand man. What I discover curious is that Lazar Kagan-ovich was born by Kiev and was Ukrainian by heritage. Stalin was Georgian. The Ukrainians hate Russians but it’s ironic that the architect of the hunger of Ukraine got here from there. Even Wikipedia states:

“Kaganovich (along with Vyacheslav Molotov) participated with the All-Ukrainian Get together Convention of 1930 and got the duty of implementation of the collectivization coverage that influenced the 1932–33 famine (referred to as the Holodomor in Ukraine).”

His father died by the point he was two and his mom left Lithuania and migrated to the USA. Past that, solely the title hyperlinks him to the infamous Lazar Kaganovich. The clean slate is curious. The 1569 Union of Lublin created the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth that lasted till 1795. The ultimate Partition of Poland ended each unbiased Lithuania and Poland. Thereafter, Lithuanians lived below the rule of the Russian Empire till the twentieth century. Due to this fact, as Lazar got here from Ukraine, his father was maybe in Lithuania and was additionally Russian at the moment. The Washington Put up wrote of his father:

“Like fellow neoconservatives reminiscent of Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz, he was a Democrat in his youth who turned proper in response to the cultural and political upheavals within the Nineteen Sixties. “

If Robert is linked to Lazar Kaganovich, it definitely would clarify his hatred of Russia as properly. I can’t affirm such a hyperlink. But, he too is linked to Russia.

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