COMMENT From Europe: Message: have any connections with both Russia or Ukraine and don’t care if Donbas and Crimea belong to Russia or every other nation. Europeans simply wish to go on with their lives in peace however now should pay a excessive worth for the sanctions. Individuals are beginning to query the sanctions and wish the fuel to move once more. So the anger is turned in opposition to our personal political leaders over the sanctions.

By destroying the pipelines individuals not can complain. In order that additionally factors to the local weather zealots within the west being answerable for the sabotage and never Russia. The way it was offered within the media additionally factors to the west. It was a prepared media package deal with the Danish air drive taking footage of the leak and Swedish seismologic information to point out it was an explosion. The knowledge was meant for us within the west. Look they’ve blown up the pipelines. And Germany was quick to say that the pipelines have been destroyed perpetually and can’t be mounted. With none information. Then the day after a spokesperson from the Nordstream firm stated they might examine the damages after the fuel has run out.
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REPLY: That is why being a scholar of historical past, I’m not supporting Putin, or being a Republican in opposition to Democrats, or no matter different rationalization some could attempt to apply. I’m warning that we’re being manipulated into struggle for ulterior functions. Hermann Goring was requested on the Nuremberg trials WHY DID THE PEOPLE FOLLOW HITLER? His response was completely right, even supposing many simply most popular that the German individuals have been inherently evil and totally different from the remainder of the world. As he stated, the perfect consequence is you get to return residence unhurt. He acknowledged the reality “it’s the leaders of the nation who decide the coverage and it’s all the time a easy matter to pull the individuals alongside.”

That is merely the best way it’s. The leaders create all wars, NEVER the individuals. Battle is merely a continuation of politics that strikes to violence. Like two guys arguing in a bar. Many occasions, one turns into so infuriated unable to win the argument verbally, so they start to throw punches. What do now we have to achieve from struggle? Completely NOTHING apart from hoping to return in a single piece and we nonetheless have a house and household to return to.

The Prince of Savoy was one of many best generals who fought for a lot of kings. He was the inspiration behind our Second Modification – the proper to bear arms. Why? He concluded that kings maintained standing armies at nice expense. He argued that kings waged struggle merely to make use of their armies. Therefore, he proposed that all of us have the proper to bear arms and that now we have a militia army, not a standing military for that will result in countless wars. He’s right. What number of occasions has the US invaded some nation beneath some honorable pretense? From the Weapons of Mass Destruction that by no means existed in Iraq to defeat Communism in Vietnam, the place as many as 2 million civilians on each side and a few 1.1 million North Vietnamese and Viet Cong fighters died for an financial system that was collapsing all by itself.

Certainly, the French King Louis XIV’s final phrases on his demise mattress – “I’ve been too keen on struggle.”


We’re suffering from world leaders who performed an excessive amount of with their toy troopers. These are the real-life penalties of their video games. They welcome struggle and don’t have any need for peace. There’s not a single chief prepared to even say – Hey, wait a minute!

Our laptop has been pointing to 2023 as an absolute MAJOR disaster level in world geopolitics. The chance of worldwide struggle may be very actual. These local weather zealots are destroying our lifestyle the exact same means that Karl Marx did which led to the demise of over 200 million individuals between Russia and China. This time, will probably be within the billions. The destruction of those pipelines could also be cheered in personal gatherings celebrating their victory over destroying the vitality lifeline for Germany forward of winter. They’re relying on the individuals to select up a gun and invade Russia. It most actually seems to be to be civil unrest is coming and make no mistake about it, this was NOT Putin however meant to defund his skill to wage struggle.

Our fashions are definitive. I’m merely the messenger – not the creator. This offers me no pleasure in anyway. This was the 2011 World Financial Convention held in Philadelphia that was filmed as a part of the film – The Forecaster. We have been projecting it will all start in 2014, which marked the Ukrainian Revolution and the US set up of the “non permanent” UNELECTED authorities, which began the civil struggle invading the Donbas. So the individuals didn’t vote to even begin that civil struggle. The West set that each one in movement. Our laptop had even focused Ukrain could be the place WWIII would start. That was printed again in 2013.

It’s inconceivable for ANY particular person to forecast such occasions CONSISTENTLY for many years. We’re all human and simply because somebody was right on one forecast based mostly upon an “opinion” doesn’t imply that they’ll forecast the longer term persistently. They’ve completed all the things they’ll to close these forecasts out. The mainstream press will NEVER cowl this as a result of they how do they maintain the road of speaking heads? They’ve been instructed – don’t report on this mannequin – thanks! They by no means will. The governments should win. They exist to govern us silly slobs to perform their objectives.

As Goring stated:“the individuals can all the time be delivered to the bidding of the leaders. That’s straightforward. All it’s important to do is inform them they’re being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism.” There are not any peacemakers left anymore!

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