Pfizer has agreed to pay $2.3 billion, which is the biggest healthcare fraud settlement within the historical past of the Division of Justice. Just like the bankers, they’re simply giving the Justice Division their share of the minimize and no person goes to jail. Pfizer has the GET-OUT-OF-JAIL card and the Justice Division has been bribed to resolve prison and civil legal responsibility arising from the unlawful promotion of sure pharmaceutical merchandise.

Little doubt, they’re immune from civil legal responsibility even when they killed a member of your loved ones as a result of they’ve bribed Congress for that privilege to kill folks with whole immunity. The Italian Mafia ought to have simply purchased a drug firm to handle enterprise and they’d have been immune.

As to those that have requested if we’ve ever suggested Pfizer. The reply is NO. I’m not Pontius Pilate pretending to scrub the blood from my arms after coping with an organization I’ve ZERO respect for!

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