In fact, YuuTube eliminated it to guard Pfizer. They’re a part of the media that has been concentrating on free speech and needs nothing however to promote humanity down the river. Right here is the hyperlink to Challenge Veritas off the file with Pfizer.

Within the video, there’s a query if they’re engaged in “achieve of operate” and he says no, Pfizer is experimenting to could an already human virus stronger.  What Pfizer is doing is extremely harmful. Nonetheless, it’s NOT gain-of-function. There’s a distinction.

The gain-of-function is taking a virus that doesn’t infect people and altering that virus to “achieve the operate” of infecting people. What Pfizer is doing is taking an ALREADY human infecting virus akin to COVID-19, and making it stronger by accelerating its mutation course of. Their vaccines have been harmful, in my view, for they’ve accelerated mutations all on their very own. A virus is like several life type. It can mutate and adapt to outlive. That’s its predominant objective. Vaccinating everybody solely causes the virus to mutate to outlive. Because of this so many individuals who died had been vaccinated. The virus mutated and the vaccine by no means prevented somebody from getting COVID-19.

Simply to be truthful and straight up right here – there’s a distinction between the 2 processes. Pfizer realizes that their vaccines didn’t work and contributed to the mutation course of. Personally, I favor old-fashion forms of vaccines and the times when governments protected the folks as an alternative of taking bribes to drive folks to do issues than make no sense.



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