When somebody ever writes about this era in a few hundred years, they are going to name it the Age of Corruption. An ex-MEP has labeled the EU as essentially corrupt. The top of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, claims she can not discover any communications between right here and Pfizer. We have now world leaders who conspired to power the usage of vaccinations that had been by no means examined to any diploma and have killed in addition to maimed many. On prime of all of this, they’re INTENTIONALLY attempting to create World Conflict III in order that they have an excuse to default on their money owed which they’ve had no intention of ever paying off. So why borrow yearly in the event you by no means repay the debt? These they’ve killed or injured with necessary vaccines, whereas they most likely took water injections, and now attempting to create a world conflict is all simply unimaginable. All of this to cover (1) their corruption, and (2) to cowl up their mismanagement of every part.

I’ve recognized heads of state. I by no means embraced Margaret Thatcher in such a fashion. That embrace was an outright disrespect for the whole folks of Europe. All of this for cash.


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