QUESTION: Hey Martin,

Thanks in your braveness and your willingness to report the reality while all we get is a “internet of lies” from the “Deep State” and their grand companions, the mainstream media. My questions facilities across the purported quote from Ezra Pound, “The issue with fashionable conflict is that it provides nobody the prospect to kill the correct folks.” I can’t consider a extra poignant assertion when contemplating the occasions of COVID, the 2020 election and now the orchestration of WWIII. It looks like little by little the persons are starting to get up to what’s happening in Ukraine however the hyperlink you gave that “65% of Individuals help Ukraine” is, to say the least, disheartening. The place ought to we search for our “ray of sunshine’ apart from above?

Thanks for all you do for us “second hand residents” of the 99%.


REPLY: We should perceive that conflict is solely an extension of politics. It’s no totally different than observing two drunks in a bar who immediately flip to violence as a result of one didn’t like the best way the opposite checked out him.  The true conflict criminals are those that create the wars and the folks in addition to the troopers are actually the victims. Most are merely brainwashed and that’s a part of the demonizing tactic they all the time make use of to whip up the hatred of the folks in opposition to a political foe.

The West has intentionally created this conflict. They NEED it to default on all of the debt and create a brand new world order thereafter with a brand new digital forex that the IMF is all the time proposing utilizing Blockchain in order that if I gave you $100, they may know the place I acquired it and each particular person down the lie. Know-how has opened their thoughts to ascertain an entire new period of totalitarianism.


This motion in opposition to the folks befell after they have been shocked by the Trump victory. All of a sudden “democracy” turned the evil “populism” they usually instantly started an outright conflict in opposition to Trump not from simply the Democrats, however the profession Republicans have been all out in power to undermine Trump as a result of the UNI-PARTY of profession politicians are not looking for non-politicians taking part in of their sandbox.


This is the reason level 8 in Schwab’s Nice Reset is to finish our proper to vote. How dare we expect that we now have any proper to inform these above what they need to do? We’re the grime beneath their ft.

It’s the identical age-old problem. These above consider THEY are the sovereign – not we the nice unwashed. We’re to easily obey, pay taxes, and die in battle when THEY need to oppose one other elite for energy.


Marcus’ new movie on corruption on the Worldwide Prison Courtroom (ICC) of Justice says all of it. They need to indict Putin for conflict crimes after they haven’t any such authority, however they want this to justify creating WWIII. The ICC has NO JURISDICTION over non-member states. The US, UK, Russia, and China are all non-members. Due to this fact, the ICC can not indict even a US soldier for a conflict crime no much less a head of state.

Tony Blair has publicly admitted that he takes full duty for the Gulf Struggle. But the ICC can not indict him. They’re determined to indict Putin to allow them to beat their conflict drums and declare ALL Russians should be exterminated. To indicate the corruption, the ICC is determined to indict Putin. In the event that they do, then legally they haven’t simply violated their very authority, however George Bush and Tony Blair would even be indicted on the identical precept. You can not have one algorithm for one nation that aren’t honored for all. That is the corruption happening within the ICC and it’s all theater to create WWIII.

That is all going down to allow them to justify their sovereign defaults and create a brand new world order with Bretton Woods II and this time the IMF shall be handed the reserve forex utilizing blockchain to make sure we give up all our privateness and rights into the longer term.

Whenever you or your youngsters die on the battlefield, you’re surrendering your life for the way forward for totalitarianism.


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