QUESTION: Martin, I’m now changing into confused as to who or what’s the instigator of the most important international warfare that’s transpiring. You could have made the purpose that the Local weather Change Zealots and their claims to finish fossil fuels are the trigger for inciting WW III. Nonetheless, you’ve got additionally made claims that the Neocons within the Deep State and their hatred of Russia are the instigators of this identical battle. Are these two forces one and the identical or are they two completely different factions combating for a similar final result?

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ANSWER: John McCain, who was the chief of the pack of Neocons, was selling Nuclear Energy for local weather change to finish the US dependence on oil and that of Europe. McCain used local weather change to chop off Russia whose 50% of GDP was power. Thus, McCain may care much less in regards to the local weather. He used it as a weapon towards Russia.

McCain simply merely hated Russians and that was earlier than Putin as Politico documented again to 1996 – three years earlier than Putin. McCain used local weather change as a weapon to undermine Russia. We should perceive that there are Neocons in America, Russia, and China. They might be small in quantity, however they are usually very manipulative. What we have now is the Local weather Zealots who wish to finish all fossil fuels, the place their targets help the Neocons who wish to annihilate their enemies – Russia and China.

The data that’s circulating is that the true instigator behind the pipeline destruction was the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. Putin on September seventh, 2022 threatened to show off the fuel tied to lifting the sanctions. It was definitely not Russia who destroyed the pipeline for they now not have that menace to show it off. The Neo-Nazis have been supported by the Neocons from day one. The destruction of the pipelines benefited the Neo-Nazis for now they’ve eradicated any risk that the EU will agree and carry the sanctions. Based mostly on their actions up to now, the data pointing to them I consider makes them the more than likely actor.

The waters at the moment are polluted and the influence on fishing can be appreciable. This was not the brainchild of the Local weather Zealots but it sparks a number of champaign toasts in celebration. Russia has come out and stated that the slaughter of civilians in Bucha was faux and propaganda. Based mostly upon data and perception, this was additionally a staged occasion by the Neo-Nazis. There are even movies confirming that that are within the possession of NATO. It doesn’t finish there. The Neo-Nazis shot down the Malaysian Flight M17 utilizing an outdated BUK Russian missile that was now not in use in an effort to get the US to ship in troops claiming it got here from the Donbas. The Neo-Nazis are actually prepared to do something to quench their thirst for the hatred of Russians. They declare they

The 2014 Bloodbath of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odessa the place they killed them grabbing them on the streets was a Neo-Nazi occasion. That was the turning level. It revealed that the Donbas needed to separate for the Neo-Nazis wished their loss of life, not their submission. That started the civil warfare. They set fireplace to the constructing and burns all of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the primary time in historical past, an organized bloodbath of civilians was carried out and even filmed by quite a few folks. This has been documented in extraordinary element and the Neo-Nazis didn’t even worry of any detrimental penalties in world opinion. I personally knew folks there in Kyiv throughout Maidan. I additionally know folks personally from Donetsk. You can by no means deliver a easy bottle of Russian vodka to dinner in Kyiv – that was an insult.

Most don’t have any understanding of the hatred in that total area. It was a Serb who assassinated the Archduke in 1914 and that single act resulted within the loss of life of about 7% of your entire world inhabitants throughout World Conflict I. These spouting out the hatred of Putin are merely brainwashed and so they higher flip and take a look at your loved ones for there are all the time extra civilians who die in these large-scale wars than troopers.

Earlier than the breakup of Yugoslavia, I used to be there and instructed how their opposition killed 600 and threw them in a mass grave. I assumed I had missed one thing within the information. Once I requested when this occur anticipating a matter of days, I used to be instructed oh about 500 years in the past. I responded, oh sure – that one. The hatred runs so deep all through that area, it’s going to by no means be resolved.

We’re solely concerned as a result of our Neocons hate Russians. The CIA protected the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. They have been NEVER placed on trial just like the Germans ONLY as a result of they hated Russians. We at the moment are paying the value for they’ve by no means been instructed that is even a violation of human rights. I help the widespread folks, not authorities propaganda from both aspect. We’re the individuals who achieve completely NOTHING from warfare. The ONLY profit is to outlive – that’s it. So these cheering to unleash the canine of warfare, please, go volunteer to struggle in Ukraine and put your actions the place your mouth is. It’s all the time straightforward to cheer on another person’s loss of life.

This can be a warfare to not finish all wars, however to finish civilization and our age of peace since World Conflict II. Human nature can’t be modified. There’ll all the time be wars.

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