Maybe NATO is beginning to get up. They now understand that they could should wage conflict on two fronts concurrently. NATO is contemplating what they name a defensive transfer which is an “Article 5 battle” but in addition an “out-of-area” battle. That is exhibiting that NATO is not what it was alleged to have been – the protection of Europe towards a Soviet invasion that by no means occurred. The “out-of-area” is none aside from China invading Taiwan. NATO is solely usurping energy that it was by no means approved to hold out. This, Article 5 occasion is an assault on a NATO member, whereas the “out-of-area” is a non-NATO member.

Clearly, we’re witnessing how as soon as energy is taken, it’s at all times abused. NATO has at all times billed itself as a “defensive alliance” but it surely has launched into an offensive posture with Ukraine and now even Taiwan. Don’t overlook, NATO joined the hostilities in Yugoslavia throughout the Nineties and once more with Libya in 2011. Many have seen that NATO has been usurped by the American Neocons to additional their agenda of manipulating US overseas coverage. That’s changing into self-evident by even contemplating conflict with China and Russia.

All our sources affirm that the US has demanded that Brussels enhance its protection expenditures. Everybody is anticipated to chip in 2% of GDP – ASAP. The US is now additionally anticipating that it must combat on two fronts towards each China and Russia. The Neocons are demanding increased Pentagon budgets now. They merely need conflict and we’ve no proper to vote on any of this confirming as soon as once more, we don’t reside in a democracy, however in a dictatorship masquerading as a republic.

You NEVER go to conflict with out weight the positive aspects towards the losses. What’s happening is the exact same bankers that attempted to take over Russia I wrote about within the 2000 Plot to Seize Russia, are again after 23 years and they’re pleading to wage conflict and are licking their lips as soon as once more at seizing all of the pure sources of Russia from gold and diamonds, to power and uranium.


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