COMMENT: Marty, I keep in mind your 1991 convention while you mentioned Russia regarded like it could collapse by the top of the yr. I believe it was December thirty first when Gorbachev resigned. However I additionally keep in mind how we have been speaking about how key reversals have been nonetheless reappearing however migrating to totally different time ranges. You by no means discuss that at the moment. You had mentioned that the migration of reversals would usually trace on the subsequent crash or slingshot. That was what we received in 1991 when Russia collapsed. Do you see something like that once more?

I’m glad you’re nonetheless at this. You’ve nice perception as a dealer.

If Scotty desires to beam you up, please say not but!


ANSWER: Just for you Dave. Your reminiscence is best than an elephant’s. OMG, how black was my beard. I additionally had some hair again then. Sure, you’re proper. I most likely haven’t written right here in regards to the unusual method wherein markets do transfer. Sure, the USSR collapse by the top of that yr. There was the August 1991 coup in opposition to Gorbachev.

The Quarterly Array again then picked the 4th quarter of 1991 and the 4th quarter of 1992. The primary was a Panic breakout to the upside and the second was a Panic to the draw back making the response low the week of October tenth, 1992. The reversals have been clearly fractal in nature and key reversals will reappear and migrate by means of the assorted time ranges. That was one thing which was very fascinating. I promise I’ll discover the time to precise extra element on that phenomenon. It was certainly one other facet that the mannequin revealed that I by no means anticipated. There’s such a hidden order that lies behind the masks of randomness.

Individuals who discuss random walks are merely incapable of forecasting for they can’t see the order behind what they assume is chaos. Simply as Einstein mentioned, he can’t imagine that God performs cube with the universe. I found the identical factor in relation to market exercise. There is no such thing as a such factor as random walks. There’s a secret order to the whole lot. After I went to economics class, they mentioned there was a enterprise cycle however it isn’t common and can’t be predicted as a result of it was random. Then I went to physics class they usually mentioned nothing is random. I got here to the conclusion somebody was mendacity. It turned out to be the economics professor.

In plotting what he thought was random climate information, what emerged was a hidden order that we couldn’t see, This even disproves the whole nonsense of Local weather Change. It has all the time modified and there’s a sample to the motion – it isn’t random and now we have not altered the local weather cycle. Once more, it’s the identical kind of people that can’t see the patterns in markets so they are saying it’s a random stroll.

I ran markets by means of our Chaos fashions and patterns of regularity emerged – not random walks. Once more, there’s much more order to markets and that’s the reason private opinions won’t ever reduce it after we try to forecast the longer term.

I’ve on my bucket listing to do the subsequent ebook on the ECM – my present to posterity. Hopefully, one-day folks will get up and perceive that there’s a hidden order to the whole lot – NOTHING is ever random. When the USSR collapsed, capital in opposition to fled to the USA within the face of a brand new stage of uncertainty.




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