COMMENT: Pricey Mr. Armstrong,
As at all times, thanks a lot to your unbelievable perception to what’s taking place on the earth. You’re the first information supply I learn within the morning as a result of I do know your website is at all times two steps forward of everybody else! I wanted to ask you about one thing you usually reference: that many of those globalists are attempting to destroy fossil fuels for “local weather change”.

Nonetheless, going by their precise conduct, evidently they don’t *genuinely* imagine in local weather change, in any other case they wouldn’t be flying round in non-public jets, proudly owning ocean-front property, or creating extra carbon emissions than many small nations. Do you assume they really imagine the earth is at risk or are they making an attempt to pressure the vast majority of humanity again into a 3rd world state as a result of with out the flexibility to journey, or warmth/cool properties, talk with each other, or have entry to wash water, meat and nutritious meals, and so on., we not solely will lose a lot of the inhabitants to illness and hunger, however those that are left would change into way more depending on the state (them) and due to this fact simpler to manage?

Depopulation and crushing humanity right into a smaller, weaker, extra controllable feudal-system peasantry appears extra just like the precise purpose for destroying fossil fuels, meals safety, and personal possession, with “local weather change” merely being their flimsy excuse to take action. Do you assume any of these pulling the strings on all this actually believes what they’re saying about local weather change?


REPLY: The elite might care much less about local weather change. They know it’s laughable. Even John McCain was pushing it solely as a result of it was to harm Russia chopping off its sources and he was pushing nuclear power to exchange fossil fuels solely as a strategic chess transfer in opposition to Russia – his everlasting enemy. These individuals don’t care in regards to the local weather. All of them journey to Davos in non-public jets. Al Gore and UN Secretary Normal Antonio Guterres at Davos in 2019 advised delegates that humanity is “shedding the race” in opposition to local weather change. Al Gore conspires with Greenpeace and used Greta for his or her publicity stunts.

They’ve used local weather change because the spearhead for the Nice Reset which is all about developing with the propaganda to cowl up the Sovereign Debt default. Belief me. They’re laughing their ass off at how they’ve bought this nonsense to individuals who simply eat it up. John McCain was preaching nuclear again within the 2008 election to finish dependency on international oil purely for navy functions – not surroundings.

They used Greta and as soon as they managed to get the press promoting their BS and believing this all modified the planet, they’ve discarded her. They use individuals to realize their objective and that’s all this warfare is de facto about. To destroy the economic system of Russia. Occupy the nation and finish fossil fuels in order that Russia will likely be decreased to a vasal state. They haven’t any in all probability decreasing the inhabitants by 50% ANYHOW. The actual powers don’t care about Local weather Change. They know that is all nonsense.

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