COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I simply wished to tell you as a loyal reader of your weblog, it’s snowing right here in Kuwait for the first time in historical past. Your laptop is the one non-passionate forecaster I’ve ever encountered. It relays simply the details with out the agenda.

Thanks a lot. You’ve got a big group of supporters right here within the Center East.


REPLY: This complete local weather change agenda is a hoax. They don’t seem to be within the fact. That is about utilizing local weather to restructure society into the one-world order which is why they’re supporting Ukrainian Nazis that comply with the identical beliefs as Adolf Hitler. We’ve turned 180 levels from our primary basic values. I’m deeply involved that by calling this international warming and now they’re experimenting with taking pictures particles into the environment to “cool” the planet, we could also be pushing ourselves into an ice age a lot sooner than anybody suspects. Napoleon was defeated by a Volcanic Winter. These individuals are risking your complete planet for a number of volcanoes erupting, and we might not survive by intentionally taking pictures particles into the environment. All of it is because our present debt system can’t be sustained.

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