COMMENT #1: On April tenth the IMF launched UNICOIN, est Voila! Zee starting of zee finish?

COMMENT #2: Marty, the ECM goal was approach an excessive amount of. The Pentagon Papers was one factor, however exactly April tenth is when the IMF introduced its new forex to dominate the world. Your ECM is simply unbelievable. Why so many issues of nice significance happen on this mannequin is proof that there’s a hidden order behind every thing.
COMMENT #3: Marty, As , I used to be there at your 1987 convention for the Crash which was brought on by the G5 manipulation of the forex that started in 1985. That culminated within the collapse of communism and the Japanese crash of 1989. Right here we now have as soon as once more the IMF saying on the very day of the ECM April tenth, that they’re releasing their new forex to interchange the greenback. This appears to be like like it’ll influence your entire world financial system and the struggle you will have been warning about post-2024.
I don’t know the way this mannequin works even to the exact day. It’s straightforward to see why they tried to kill you considering it was simply your opinion and affect. They refuse to think about that maybe there’s something way more at stake than anybody’s opinion.
Thanks for this eye-opening discovery.
REPLY: I have no idea why this can work to the worth day in wave after wave. Even the 2007 goal was the very day of the crash within the mortgage-backed market. They have been calling it Armstyrong’s Revenge on the ground. They locked me up however it nonetheless was working as scheduled proving it was by no means my “affect” that they have been so satisfied about. There’s something there, and it’s about time we acknowledge it.
The federal government was livid when the New Yorker wrote about this mannequin and referred to as it the Secret Cycle. I imagine that precipitated the journalist loads of hassle. If there’s a hidden order, meaning the federal government can not manipulate society because it thinks it might. This is the reason we’re headed into 2032. They’re combating for his or her survival. They’re pushing for digital forex, will terminate all paper cash, after which you will note that they may limit us from shopping for or promoting something they don’t approve
Welcome to the twenty first century of Financial Slavery. That is additionally the Third Millennium of the Anno Domini or Frequent Period within the Gregorian calendar spanning the years 2001 to 3000 (twenty first to thirtieth centuries).  As I’ve warned, reactions are at all times TWO or THREE models of TIME and every thing is FRACTAL. We’re in the identical place on a grand scale as April tenth, which was 2.15 years into this cycle. We’re approaching the 2150 years goal and our republican types of authorities globally is not going to survive.
I’m working lengthy days to complete this e-book on the ECM. I promise it is going to be an eye-opener as you will have mentioned.

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