In instances of financial misery, folks will hoard their wealth. That is as true in historical instances as it’s in fashionable instances. I used to be known as in a couple of hoard of gold – one thousand $20 St Gaudians gold cash all dated 1924 – uncirculated. As you see, I’ve a status for purchasing hoards in addition to funding main archaeological digs. This was a hoard of US$20 gold cash. So I took the lot. As for individuals who say I hate gold, no, I’ve at all times cherished the $20 st Gaudens.

Clearly, this was a stash. It was the 12 months of a Presidential election and in 1925, Calvin Coolidge was the primary President to have his inauguration broadcasted on radio. In 1921 the Chinese language Communist motion started and in 1924 Stalin got here to energy after poisoning Lenin and his spouse. The flight from Russia started in 1917, however it escalated by 1919. It’s exhausting to say why this hoard was stashed away. However they’re all dated 1924 and should have been linked to the upheaval in Russia. By the top of 1919, it was clear to virtually everybody that the Bolsheviks had received the Civil Warfare. The White armies have been defeated on all fronts: Siberia, the Russian North, and Petrograd (as St Petersburg was then known as).  Pravda on Aug. 31, 1918:

“Our cities have to be mercilessly cleansed of the bourgeois rot. All these gents shall be placed on file, and those that pose a hazard to the revolutionary class shall be destroyed … Henceforth, the hymn of the working class shall be a tune of hatred and revenge! ”

It was the White Russians who fled. It was estimated that at the least 2 million fled Russia on the time. That was about 2%-3% of the surviving inhabitants by 1919. Given the date of this hoard and the situation, they have been tucked away and by no means noticed circulation. They might have been associated to the turmoil in Russia.

Quite a few folks have requested if I may put collectively units of the 12 Caesars as a result of I had talked about I assumed that might be finished for half the worth of the set being provided elsewhere. I’m attempting to get a small hoard of Caligula denarii. They’re very troublesome to search out. I consider as a result of he was so hated,  they could have simply melted down his coinage.


All of it relies on high quality. I’ve bought a small hoard of Julius Caesar coinage. I’ll attempt to see If I get these Caligula denarii. If I do, I’ll attempt to see if I can put collectively some units with rather more real looking costs.

I’ve bought a hoard of late Constantine bronze. They’re very cheap.


I’ve bought an early hoard of Gallic coinage of Postumus which is silver. I even have bought a hoard of Victorinus that are bronze. That is the interval of each the break up within the Roman Empire in addition to the collapse of the financial system.


Others have requested if I can put collectively a development of the coinage displaying the debasement. I’ll attempt. Right here is a photograph displaying the stark distinction between the start of the area of Gallienus (253-268AD) and its finish.




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