The German Federal Overseas Minister has really come out and bluntly mentioned: “We’re at battle with Russia.” I’ve been warning from the outset that the West has been the aggressor and intentionally did what it may to compel Putin to invade the exact same means that Roosevelt did to Japan (1) by imposing an power embargo (2) seizing all their belongings within the USA, and (3) threatening to blockade any try to get power from every other place. There have been senate investigations into this very query that Roosevelt intentionally compelled Japan to assault Pearl Harbor simply so he may then enter World Warfare II whereas the folks and Congress refused to battle Europe’s battle. That view of mistrust of FDR was so nice, it compelled the US Senate to carry hearings into what did FDR know prematurely of the Pearl Harbor assault.

Right here we now have the identical sample.

  • (1) In 2014 US installs an interim authorities in Ukraine which is unelected and instantly sense troops to assault the Donbas for eager to separate from Ukraine after its personal revolution
  • (2) West engages within the Minsk Settlement whereby Merkel has come out and acknowledged it was in unhealthy religion and meant solely to permit Ukraine to construct its military whereas making a idiot out of Putin for trusting the West
  • (3) Zelensky is elected promising to finish corruption and the civil battle with Russia
  • (4) VP Kamila Harris at Munich Safety Convention tells Ukraine they need to be a part of NATO
  • (5) On February twenty third, 2022, Zelensky declares that Ukraine ought to rearm itself with nuclear weapons

February twenty fourth, 2022, Putin intervenes to help the Donbas. If the USA even exists after World Warfare III which they’re selling, then we might little question have an analogous investigation into the deliberate insurance policies which have rejected any doable peaceable negotiations and promoted battle for the entire destruction of Russia.

Putin has responded by saying that Germany continues to be occupied by the USA and it does as it’s instructed. Certainly, all of Europe is completely out of its thoughts. You can not push Russia right into a nook and resurrect the outdated Iron Curtain this time from our aspect. That may NEVER convey peace and stability. Europe is certainly the monkey dancing to the tune of the organ grinder.

Operating our battle fashions, 2023 was the beginning and January was the goal. I want these forecasts have been incorrect. If Europe goes to even survive past 2027, it has higher wake the hell up. The EU itself could not exist past 2024.

World Peace is attainable if we simply take a look at Rome. After conquering numerous states, what saved them collectively? It was economics. As soon as everybody shared a standard market, then the folks benefited by manufacturing merchandise and promoting them to everybody else within the empire. We have now taken the other method adopting the theories of Karl Marx worrying about native jobs. It doesn’t pay for the folks to impose commerce limitations so somebody can develop a head of lettuce within the desert and promote it for $25. If one other nation can produce a product at half the associated fee, that isn’t saving an area job, it’s exploiting everybody else within the financial system to pay increased costs for one thing that might be obtained far much less. It REDUCES the usual of dwelling for the entire – it doesn’t advance society.

When folks in Russia and China are linked economically with the shoppers in America, then the governments are LESS LIKELY to push for battle when that can undermine their folks and their financial energy. Blowing everybody else appears to be fund for politicians

Rome has proven us the best way to peace. We ignore the teachings from historical past at our personal peril.



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