QUESTION: So if I learn you proper, you by no means anticipated that your pc would additionally forecast struggle and geopolitical occasions. ChatGPT appears to have the ability to discover issues and reply questions. However it can’t forecast the longer term by itself. So what did you do that’s much more spectacular than ChatGPT?


ANSWER: Being a programmer since my teenagers, was the important thing. Being a dealer, I had expertise in each fields, which enabled me to TEACH my system the way to analyze. So Socrates shouldn’t be going out to the online and accumulating what everybody has to say. It’s analyzing the information all by itself.

As a result of I used to be additionally a historical past buff, I noticed how civilization rose and fell. There was clearly a  cycle to utterly all the things. Since even taking power, we use to simply burn wooden, then oils, then whale oil, after which oil. There’s a cycle to innovation. Not personally realizing if that may change to one thing else, I needed to assemble my system with my expertise after which enable it to find solely by itself.

I’ve defined at conferences that we had a shopper, the Common Financial institution of Lebanon, who discovered a ledger recording the day by day costs of their foreign money again a long time. They requested if we might create a mannequin. The info was enter and the system forecasted that their nation would go into chaos in 8 days. I assumed one thing was mistaken with the information. They calmly requested – What foreign money can be greatest? They noticed themselves the disaster coming and in 8 days the civil struggle started. The identical befell with a Sausi shopper who was a giant shipper. He wished to know what gold was going to do for Iran was going to start out attacking delivery within the Gulf the following day. I requested: Are you telling me a struggle will begin tomorrow? Oh sure, he replied. So by 1998, it was clear that the pc was able to projecting wars. That’s after I stood up in our London WEC in June 1998 and warned that Russia was about to break down in 30 days. That turned the Lengthy-Time period Capital Administration collapse with the Russian bond market.

So ChatGPT is cool and it’ll dazzle everybody. I wrote such a program in the course of the early ’80s to show my pc the way to use pure language to speak. I used my kids because the enter. This system I wrote was designed to have a dialog. It could retain a database of who you had been so if it requested in the event you had a canine and also you mentioned sure, it will ask you its identify and do not forget that. So the following time you got here again it will ask you the way is your canine. It had so impressed my daughter ought to carry all her mates over. I used to be working with Dragon Techniques again then when it was {hardware}. So the pc would discuss verbally to them they usually thought it was alive.

We’ll launch a portal the place you possibly can ask Socrates questions and it’ll reply. However that is targeted on the economic system, not the identify of Woman Gaga’s canine. Socrates is completely completely different from ChatGPT.


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