QUESTION: What ducked mentioned about Raskin, would you name that pretend information or misinformation? Simply curious.


ANSWER: That was Tucker’s “interpretation” of the implication of what Raskin mentioned. It falls exterior of each and would most likely attribute that extra to political bias. I might say “pretend information” is extra what we are saying with COVID the place it’s simply outright false that’s not attributed to interpretations or bias. I might say the “misinformation” might be simply one other label for pretend information. Hillary calling Trump supporters deplorable will not be pretend information or misinformation, it’s simply political bias.

What Tucker mentioned was not pretend information nor misinformation, however merely this class of political bias. That’s what might be dividing the nation greater than something. It’s this demonizing an opponent and each side are doing it in the present day. The vaccine rip-off of hiding the negative effects is extra within the space of pretend information and misinformation.

Biden is on the market claiming a Republican victory might be chaos for the financial system.  That’s not Faux Information or Misinformation, it’s simply political rhetoric that has turn out to be customary hate speech in politics.

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