Whereas Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been pushing again towards calls for of Ukraine for fighter jets now after the tanks, there have been these in Germany desperate to assist Ukraine to destroy Russia. They’ve stuffed their heads with such propaganda that Russia will conquer all of Europe if it’s not fully destroyed NOW, they’re putting not simply the lives of European residents in danger however the complete way forward for Europe as an entire. I do know Ukraine very effectively and the Neonazis there’ll by no means cease. Russia should shield the Donbas for they might truly slaughter each ethnic Russian dwelling there.


The 2014 Bloodbath of Russian-speaking Ukrainians in Odesa has been ignored by the West, however that is what awaits the Donbas if Putin leaves. The West simply desires to destroy Russia as soon as and for all. Human rights not imply something and the Minsk Settlement was a deliberate farse solely to purchase time to wage battle towards Russia.

The Ukrainians need solely pure-blood Ukrainians and so they killed ethnic Russians dwelling in Odesa grabbing them on the streets, beating them, and killing all of them to the silence of the Western press. That was the turning level. It revealed that the Donbas needed to separate for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis needed to exterminate them. I used to be informed in 2014 that Crimea will probably be Ukrainian or it will likely be depopulated.

That started the civil battle which was instigated by the interim authorities put in by the West which was NEVER elected by the Ukrainian folks. As a result of the CIA protected the Ukrainian Nazis who have been by no means prosecuted for killing Jews, Polish, and Hungarians just because additionally they killed Russians, we are actually on the identical facet that Hilter was as soon as on and we flip a blind eye to their atrocities.

The West began this civil battle as a result of the West desires to destroy Russia – plain and easy. The Ukrainian Neonazis set fireplace to the constructing and burned all of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians alive. For the primary time in historical past, an organized bloodbath of civilians was carried out and even filmed by quite a few folks. This has been documented in extraordinary element and the Ukrainian Neonazis didn’t even concern any unfavourable penalties in world opinion, as a result of the West is of their nook, and as Merkel admitted, the entire Minsk Settlement was to fill Putin and make the Russians within the Donbas assume the West cared about their human rights.

Zelensky is an actor and he’s taking part in the position given to him by the West to begin World Struggle III. Every little thing he does is to broaden the battle and to suck in NATO and the US to create this battle. He’s succeeding. I can object all I would like, however our laptop will probably be proper and we’re taking a look at World Struggle III between 2025 and 2027. So batten down the hatches.

Our laptop, which tracks the worldwide capital flows due to the cooperation with uncooked information, we will see that the cash continues to be migrating out of Europe. Russians and the Chinese language are pulling cash out of Europe as effectively. To date, it’s nonetheless underpinning the US market.

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