Many individuals are beginning to say that Elon Musk ought to run for president. Musk was born and grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. He has now turn into the richest man on this planet value round $171 billion. He can’t run for president since he was not born within the USA. He’s exposing the corruption of the LEFT releasing Twitter docs that show past query what I’ve been saying that the LEFT is at all times EVIL for they can not sleep at evening worrying about what others are doing. They have been creating secret blacklists. Make no mistake about it – the LEFT completely hates you and would a lot somewhat see you lifeless than coexist. Historical past stands as a witness to that assertion.

Twitter started “to present everybody the ability to create and share concepts and data immediately, with out boundaries.” The LEFT is pure evil and they’re going to destroy america as a result of they don’t consider in any of our freedoms. We have to be managed and that’s what they see as the reply to all their theories.

I went behind the Berlin Wall earlier than it fell. I noticed what these folks at all times do. I went with a pal to go to his household who was trapped there. His cousin gave us a tour and when anybody was remotely shut, she would do the standard Communist routine how surprise what the federal government was and took such nice care. As quickly as no one was close to, she would curse them out. One of many movie crew on the Forecaster grew up in East Germany. The day the Wall fell, his father was in a position to get his Stasi file. He noticed everybody he thought have been his pal was ratting on him. He got here house and commenced punching holes within the partitions. He thought his father was insane. Then he was pulling out microphones. From then on, he would by no means communicate to anybody once more apart from his household.



Ministry for State Safety (Stasi) smelling jars _ From the Vault

Let’s get sincere right here. The LEFT trusts nobody. They collected proof on everybody for they have been the infamous Stasi of East Germany. When the wall got here down, the extent of the key police operations focused towards their very own folks was mind-blowing. What surfaced was their “smelling jars” assortment. Sure, the Stasi used odor recognition to maintain tabs on anybody they suspected. The Stasi typically collected the samples covertly by breaking into properties to steal a suspect’s used underwear. They then stored them in jars in case they turned up lacking to hunt them down.

That is what the LEFT has achieved right here in america. Censoring every part and creating this cancel tradition. I’m so glad I’m not 18, but unhappy for my grandchildren must endure this horrible rise of the LEFT. I’ll have fun the day when America splits for many who are LEFT ought to go to California and people who disagree ought to transfer South and NEVER the 2 shall meet. However that’s not how issues will work. The LEFT will then wage conflict towards what they see as their hated opposition.

They’ll by no means be happy simply separating. They need to oppress and crush all freedom – simply choose up a historical past ebook and you will note – there has NEVER been an exception to their finish objective. They’ll by no means permit their opponent to simply dwell in peace. They haven’t any drawback surrendering all their very own rights so long as no one is allowed to have the liberty to oppose their beliefs.

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