Intro. [Recording date: January 5, 2023.]

Russ Roberts: At this time is January fifth, 2023 and my visitor is poet and lawyer, Dwayne Betts. He’s the creator of the Freedom Reads Mission, an initiative to put in curated micro-libraries of 500 books in prisons throughout the nation, a venture we spoke about on his first look. That is his third look on EconTalk. Dwayne was final right here in Might of 2022 discussing Ralph Ellison and Primo Levi.

I need to encourage listeners to go to the place you may discover a hyperlink to our survey of your favourite episodes of final yr.

Dwayne, welcome again to EconTalk.

Dwayne Betts: I do know it is all the time a pleasure to be right here. I am chasing Mike Munger.

Russ Roberts: You are shut. Properly, with this third episode, you are in your manner. I lose observe. I believe Mike is in his 40s, however just some extra dozen. Couple dozen. Properly, three dozen. Properly, greater than that.

However I might by no means underestimate you, Dwayne. All issues are doable.

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