Migrants ready for the Darién crossing in Necoclí, looking for tents, flashlights and water-purification drugs. The passage by way of the Darién requires mountaineering alongside muddy paths in dense, roadless jungle for a few days or extra, with little entry to recent water or protection in opposition to mosquitoes.

The price of a trek just like the one Mr. Huang was trying ranges from $7,000 to $10,000 to pay for smugglers, transportation and lodging, Chinese language migrants say. The going price for extra direct or safer smuggling routes, equivalent to air passage to Mexico the place snakehead “brokers” bribe customs officers to let Chinese language in with solid journey paperwork, is $60,000 or extra, the migrants say.

That is from Wenxin Fan and Shen Lu, “Fleeing China, Many Take Harmful Path to U.S.,” Wall Road Journal, April 16 (April 17 print version.) The information merchandise is a web page 1 story and it’s good old school WSJ reporting. I’d like to quote nearly each paragraph.

These Chinese language persons are in search of asylum in america, and a big p.c of them get it, however to get to the southern border, they should take large dangers. The largest problem is crossing the Darien Hole.

Think about how significantly better issues could be, for them and for us U.S. taxpayers, if the U.S. authorities made it straightforward for Chinese language individuals to return right here and declare asylum and in return charged, say, $30,000 to go in the direction of reducting the federal deficit. There could be tens of 1000’s of takers, fewer lives misplaced, and productive individuals coming as a result of choice bias of paying $30,000.

Do they arrive right here to work? I’d wager nearly all of them do, given the age at which they arrive. However they’re additionally in search of liberty. Bear in mind when many Individuals welcomed individuals who fled from authoritarian and totalitarian governments?

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