QUESTION: Expensive Sir,
Good day from Europe and a hopeful new yr.
In WW2 in Athens, individuals have been exchanging their residences for a number of liters of olive oil, therefore actual property went actually down.
The brief query which you could reply even with a sure or no:
If this yr’s aggressivity when it comes to conflict actions will rise, what occurs? Will actual property fall on the primary stage after which – as a consequence of governmental actions – will rise once more?
It’s a bit complicated whereas I’m attempting to know the mechanism… economic system will not be easy in any respect.

ANSWER: The true reality about actual property and conflict, declines the nearer you get to the motion. Once we have a look at our fashions for European actual property, it clearly reveals 2023 as a directional change and it seems to be heading right into a Panic Cycle for 2027. Our leaders mission like we must always all go cost into Russia and defeat it in a matter of weeks or simply days. Apart from the truth that they by no means focus on that civilian deaths are twice as excessive as army, in addition they by no means discuss how the online price of everybody in Europe will decline. Your home will decline in worth for (1) individuals are not fascinated about shopping for a brand new house in instances of uncertainty, and (2) rates of interest will rise sharply as a consequence of inflation which can also be a part of the conflict cycle.

Lydia, in fashionable Turkey the place cash have been invented, reveals the impression of conflict. It was Lydia v Individual (Cyrus the Nice) and we see the very first debasement in recorded historical past which accompanies conflict. The coinage was debased displaying roughly a 25% devaluation within the buying energy throughout the sixth century BC.

The Peloponnesian Conflict in Greece noticed the Athenian Owl diminished from silver to bronze and simply silver plated. We discover the identical pattern in Rome. There’s NEVER any exception to this rule.

Beware, because the West insists upon increasing this conflict, you’re sacrificing all of your life financial savings in actual property for the political nonsense of our leaders in Europe as a complete. They’re true conflict criminals. They might settle this in a day. Simply honor the Minsk Settlement.





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