For no matter motive, folks have tried to say that Cleopatra was black. That’s the most absurd proposition that distorts historical past past perception. When Alexander the Nice died, his empire was cut up amongst his generals. Egypt went to Basic Ptolomey. There was maybe a way of prejudice by the Greeks towards people who they conquered which didn’t flip merely on pores and skin shade. Including to this, there was a customized in Egypt amongst all courses in society that you simply had been very lucky to have a sister to marry for that was one technique of conserving the wealth within the household. A 2015 research of even the royalty of Egypt which predated Ptolemy exhibits that there was in depth inbreeding among the many historical Egyptian royalty.

The inbreeding among the many Pharaohs of Egypt was often achieved to emulate the god Osiris who married his sister Isis. Ramses II married his personal daughter Meritamen. He did produce other wives, who had been associated and a way, and there was additionally a spouse for political functions being a overseas royalty. Additionally it is believed that Hatesphut’s mom was probably her half-sister. Curiously, inbreeding was additionally as a result of girls carried the royal bloodlines so the person was advantaged to marry essentially the most royal girl he may, usually a detailed relative – therefore a person was very lucky to have a sister. Thus, this inbreeding, consanguinity, was properly documented. In accordance with Smithsonian journal, Egyptian legislation, and custom “decreed that pharaohs marry their sisters. Cleopatra married her oldest brother after the loss of life of her father, and he or she married her youngest brother after the loss of life of her first brother.” When Julius Caesar confirmed up, Cleopatra VII was married to her youthful brother  Cleopatra, now married to her brother Ptolemy XIV, was restored to her throne after Ptolemy XIII drowned within the Nile. Ptolemy XIV died in 44 BC and her co-ruler turned her toddler son, Ptolemy XV Caesar – usually often known as the son of Caesar referred to as Caesarian.

The entire taboo of inbreeding got here from the Romans – not the Greeks. Roman civil legislation forbade {couples} from marrying in the event that they had been inside 4 levels of consanguinity. From the mid-Ninth century AD, the church even raised this restrict to the seventh diploma and the tactic of calculating levels was additionally modified. With out query, incest in Egyptian tradition was in reality (1) mimicking the Greek gods, and (2) among the many rich, to retain the wealth inside the household.










The coinage of the period displays the portraits of the assorted rulers and they’re extremely correct. The engravers had photos of the particular person to work from. A collector can instantly acknowledge the particular person earlier than even studying that caption on the coinage.

We will simply see the resemblance between Cleopatra to the surviving sculpture. We will see from the coinage and the bust of Mark Antony the depiction of his curly hair.

Right here is one other coin of Marck Antony and Octavian, the inheritor of Caesar. As soon as once more we see the curly hair. The portraits on the coinage mirror correct photos of the folks involved.

It is a bronze drachm of Egypt depicting Cleopatra VII. We will as soon as extra simply see how the portrait displays the true picture of Cleopatra.

JUBA II was King of MAURETANIA and the son of King Juba I of Numidia. His father had supported Pompey towards Caesar in Africa and continued to help the Pompeians even after the loss of life of Pompey. Following Caesar’s victory, Juba I fled to Zama after the Battle of Thapsus the place he had a slave kill him. However his son, Juba II, was taken to Rome in 46 BC as a toddler, following the loss of life of his father. There he lived beneath the safety of each Caesar and Octavian whereas he was educated in Roman custom. He was extraordinarily clever and rapidly gained the popularity for being one of the crucial realized males on this planet. He turned an early supporter of Octavian in his battle towards Marc Antony and Cleopatra. In 30 BC, following Octavian’s conquest of Egypt, Juba was married to Cleopatra, the daughter of Marc Antony and the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Right here once more, is a coin depicting his mother-in-law.

Juba’s marriage to the daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony was clearly political in nature. We will see the resemblance in her portrait on this denarius from MAURETANIA. Octavian sought a way by which he may stabilize Africa. Octavian, due to this fact, despatched the prince to rule his personal folks. In 25 AD, nonetheless, Octavian, now often known as Augustus (27BC-14AD), traded him Mauretania for Numidia, which had lengthy been a supply of gold for the Egyptians. Juba held Mauretania, together with Gaetulia, as a loyal consumer of Rome. His reign was famous for its intellectualism and for Juba’s reliance upon Rome to maintain the throne within the face of public unrest.

There are clearly Greek cash depicting black Africans. Whereas everybody asserts that the oldest career is prostitution, the second oldest shouldn’t be legal professionals to verify the prostitutes receives a commission, however soldiers-for-hire are also called Mercenaries. There have been black mercenaries who served in lots of wars. We all know from up to date accounts that the barbarians of the North had been fearsome. These Celtic Mercenaries had been employed by Egypt through the reign of the ethnically Greek Ptolemaic dynasty. Celtic Mercenaries turned part of Egypt’s official military. In the course of the reign of Ptolemy III Euergetes, Celtic Mercenaries performed a really decisive function in conquering Syria in addition to Judea. The Greek historian Polybius tells us that many Celtic Mercenaries really settled in Egypt and took Egyptian or Greek wives. The Greeks noticed them as a blended race and referred to their offspring as e pigovoi.

We additionally know from Herodotus that he visited Egypt through the fifth century BC. He made it clear that the Greeks had been one of many first teams of foreigners that ever lived there. Egyptian portray present white, brown, and black races. It’s superb that individuals would distort historical past to insist that Cleopatra was black when the Ptolemy line was Greek and so they definitely didn’t intermarry with the locals no matter their shade.


There are clearly black empires inside Africa. Northern Africa was colonized by the Greeks for hundreds of years earlier than Alexander confirmed up. Even the legendary Queen of Sheba was from Ethiopia which depicted folks of the black race. With a view to even get elephants, they traded with black cultures deeper inside Africa.

This complete WOKEISM goes method too far as NETFLIX is now doing a present with Cleopatra being black. Why don’t we image Julius Caesar as transgender? Why NETFLIX is even permitting a complete distortion of historic details is damaging to our understanding of the previous. Historical past may be confirmed from the coinage. Maybe folks fail to grasp that coinage has even survived.

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