The Chinese language Balloon is a surveillance balloon. It’s meant extra for intimidation. It’s unlikely that it actually poses a nationwide safety risk. There may be additionally one flying over Latin America. Joe Biden’s response was instantly to shoot it down. He was warned that it’s too massive and may create a particles subject that will hurt civilians for no motive. The Chinese language did the identical when Trump got here to energy. He knew it was simply intimidation and gave no order to attempt to shoot it down.

It flew over Montana which is the #1 goal to get rid of our main intercontinental missiles that will level to China. So from that perspective, it had focused delicate areas however everybody on the earth is aware of the place these missiles are at.

Biden has shot it down as soon as it made it to the Atlantic. Any data would have been transmitted again already. So this too was a measure of Bravado for the PR worth. As one consumer wrote in:

Message: Martin, I dwell in Myrtle Seaside, SC. At this time was a transparent sky day, the balloon and 5 navy jets flying round have been clearly seen. Many neighbors have been calling one another to tell them of what was taking place exterior, we and plenty of neighbors have been out on the street watching this. Then abruptly there was a growth and the balloon disappeared, a lot for the balloon. It was attention-grabbing. Finish of story.


That is simply intimidation. It appears to have labored for Secretary of State Antony Blinken abruptly canceled a high-stakes Beijing journey aimed toward supposedly easing U.S.-China tensions after the US has achieved all the things it could actually to make issues worse. Pelosi’s journey to Taiwan was silly. By the US making such a grand stand towards China over Taiwan, they’ve completely now assured that China will take Taiwan. Pelosi went simply earlier than the Chinese language election which solely assured Xi’s reelection.

I have no idea if there’s something within the water in California that appears to make the politicians there lose all understanding of battle and intimidation. Now the Republican McCarthy is exhibiting that he too is simply appearing irrationally and poking China to make sure it MUST now take Taiwan. He introduced a Taiwan journey just because Pelosi did it, and it’ll do nothing however guarantee a battle that the USA would lose. As a result of China warned McCarthy, then he has to definitely go,

McCarthy has now come out and stated that China can not inform him the place to go. So he now should go to Taiwan as a matter of gamesmanship, however that works each methods. Pelosi’s journey and now McCarthy’s journey are each doing the identical to China. The US pretending it would defend Taiwan once we can not is absurd and it then forces China to invade for the exact same motive McCarthy is saying they can not inform him the place to go. McCarthy is a part of the uni-party the place Democrats and Republicans will act ONLY within the self-interest of the federal government.

China has come out and declared that its folks ought to be able to invade Taiwan by 2027. The Air Drive common advised everybody to be ready for battle with China by 2025. Even simply wanting on the ECM from the beginning of Taiwan, that is the second wave of 51.6 years and the third wave peaked on January thirteenth, 2023 (2023.036). That was the week when China staged a large drill towards Taiwan which was three days after a US Navy destroyer transited the Taiwan Strait in a “freedom of navigation” operation which prompted the response from China.

All of this poking China solely forces battle. Simply as McCarthy now views he should go since China advised him to not, China will reply by invading or they may seem weak. That is like youngsters pretending to be robust in a schoolyard. The feelings are the identical and it turns into a matter of delight.




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