QUESTION #1: Hello Martin
Do you ever want Socrates was incorrect? Typically I do!
All the very best

QUESTION #2: Marty; I’ve been following you because the Nineties. You have got by no means been incorrect, or ought to I say, Socrates. I additionally understand how you have got saved many corporations since I used to be there on the board assembly ——–. I additionally know you have got tried your greatest to affect Washington, and have resigned your self to giving up. Do you assume that Socrates may ever be incorrect?


ANSWER: I’ve merely taken the view that it’s higher to see a punch coming than to be sucker-punched. The world is not going to finish. It’s merely certainly a Nice Reset which I believe Schwab has taken from our mannequin. He’s attempting to make it occur and push the end result in his route. Schwab is simply an outdated tutorial. They theorize issues fairly than attempt to uncover how issues perform. Smith tried to determine the way it labored. Marx tried to vary the way it labored. That is still the distinction between Klaus and me.

Sure, I’ve tried to get by way of to these in energy in useless. They turned to Klaus due to his method they obtained extra energy. They must give up energy in the event that they selected my method. I can want the end result can be totally different – in fact. Maybe when I’m gone, somebody will champion what I’ve found like Smith in the course of the post-2032 period. As people, we study from our private experiences. Our downside is that society repeats historical past as a result of it’s incapable of ever studying from previous errors as a person. Leaders are changed, and by no means do they replicate upon the previous. All of them have some thought they assume it’s all the time new.

We have to create a system that learns from the previous. Maybe one thing like Socrates, the place you ask it a query, and it returns an unbiased reply. Maybe then society, only for as soon as, may truly advance as an alternative of shifting two steps ahead and three again.

So sure, I want Socrates can be incorrect. However then again, I additionally notice that’s unimaginable till society can study from its previous errors like a toddler and retain that information to advance society – simply as soon as!

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