QUESTION: Do you suppose that Socrates will ever obtain infallibility?


ANSWER:  I’ve solely proven our International Market Watch mannequin at conferences. It’s a sample recognition mannequin that’s studying each day. I’ve identified that nothing is infallible but when something can obtain that, will probably be this mannequin. Proper now, it’s not too dangerous, however it’s nonetheless in its infancy. What has shocked me greater than something is that it has recognized over 80,000 patterns. That is unimaginable to me. Nonetheless, it explains why it’s unimaginable for an individual to really forecast accurately. There are such a lot of refined variances that one thing is probably not what we predict is unfolding.

Ultimately, it’s theoretically attainable that we attain some limitations of the sample variances. If that may be achieved, then and solely then would you be capable to forecast infallibly.

But there’s something else of large significance. Socrates has been nearly infallible on the long-term developments and occasions. What I’ve come to know is that there are such a lot of attainable variations within the day-to-day developments, but it surely doesn’t alter the long-term. It projected a monetary panic in 2008 10 years prematurely. How achieve this many occasions unfold to the very day of the Financial Confidence Mannequin? All I can say is that these occasions, which don’t have anything to do with my private opinion, verify that there’s a hidden order of complexity that the make human eye can’t presumably see. There are simply method too many occasions that unfold exactly on the very day of a goal to be simply coincidence. There’s a far larger order that exists and other people will disparage these forecasts as a result of they suppose they solely work as a result of we’ve got an enormous consumer base.


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