Let’s put this madness in perspective. Russia’s complete navy spending in 2021 hit $66bn. Biden has handed Ukraine practically TWICE the complete navy funds of Russia to destroy Russia to make the desires of the Neocons come true. He has handed Ukraine, probably the most corrupt nation maybe on the earth, the equal of $376 from the pocket of each American together with your new child.

Biden can be paying for ALL bills of the complete Ukrainian authorities. Each authorities wage and all their pensions. All of it is because the Neocons seized management of the White Home within the absence of any certified personnel.

Practically half of the Ukrainian folks have left Ukraine. I critically doubt that they see this as of their greatest curiosity. They’ve misplaced their houses and their future in addition to employment all as a result of the Neocons instructed that the Minsk Settlement needs to be pretend and that it was used to bait Putin to come back to the rescue of the Donbas after the Neocons began the Ukrainian Civil Struggle.

John McCain ran there to Ukraine and instructed them to assault the Donbas and overtly met with the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis. Anybody who calls this Russian Propaganda as they did with the Hinter Biden Laptop computer, is selling the destruction of the world with World Struggle III – they’re the true warmongers. So, just like the Ukrainian folks, it’s best to have a look at your future, your loved ones, and your employment, for the Neocons don’t give a rats ass, as they are saying, about you or something.

They proposed to President Kennedy kill Individuals and blame that on Cuba to justify invading Castro for regime change. Kennedy refused and wouldn’t help the in Vietnam – so the CIA relieved the Neocons of their obstruction. They’ve the right president – Senile Joe together with his WOK Administration who has ZERO expertise in Washington which has been simple choosing for the Neocons to create their dream – World Struggle III.


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